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All provincial parks, beaches, etc, were provincially mandated to be closed. No walkers. And, all golf courses were ordered closed by the province. Unfortunately, closed is closed and folks are subject to severe fines. No walkers. I know this sounds too restrictive, but the law is the law.
We are closed. As sad as that is, there is no alternative at this time.

Course Closed Due to COVID-19 Pandemic 

On the advice of a message from Laurence Applebaum (CEO of Golf Canada) and the State of Emergency declared today by the premier of Nova Scotia, River Hills Golf & Country Club has decided to close the course to all play until further notice.  The clubhouse will also remain closed and all related events will be postponed.
River Hills regrets having to make this extreme decision but the health and wellness of our staff and membership is of paramount concern.  We are trying to do all the right things to eradicate this deadly coronavirus.  Stay safe.


Please welcome:
Theressa Bower as our new Course Superintendent
Chef Steven Lesway as our new Kitchen Supervisor

River Hills, the club noted for hospitality and friendliness


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